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How do you get an NPM package running in Deno? There are multiple answers to this question, some simple and others more complex. NPM holds a few million packages filled with all sorts of JavaScript and Typescript that help developers to work faster (Actually, 90% are for printing strings on the console in pretty colors). Meanwhile, Deno has its own registry which contains round and about 2500 modules at the moment.

That may sound a bit sparse, but the good news is that we can use quite a number of Node modules in Deno without too much effort by…

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Deno is a new runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript released in 2020 with a focus on security, reliability and productive development. Because it is relatively new and many Node modules cannot be used in Deno straight away, finding the right libraries and frameworks can be a real challenge. This post will take a look at getting started with unit testing in Deno. We will start by going over some of the built-ins and proceed by investigating a couple of testing frameworks that are being developed right now.

The Standard Library

One of Deno’s aims is to provide a range of development tools out-of-the-box…

When working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda it can be a real challenge to write tests. Sure, unit tests are straightforward, but to test full functionality of your application you want to have a few integration tests that will test if the code is functioning with external dependencies included (APIs, databases, etc.). This means dealing with remote services running in the cloud which can add a layer of complexity.

This article will show you how to write an integration test for an AWS Lambda that fetches the exchange rates between currencies from a 3rd party API and stores them…

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